Afolobi Oke Announces Global InfoSwift Readiness To Boost Digital Banking in Nigeria

Afolabi speaking at the press briefing over the weekend on the announcement of the global recognition of CR2 by Celent. He explained that Global Infoswift (CR2 Partner) has been providing solutions and services to Nigerian financial institutions through the promotion of CR2 Omnichannel digital platform and banking software in Nigeria for over 10 years and it is ready to take it to next level.

Oke Kehinde Afolabi is the CEO of Global InfoSwift Consulting Limited (GICL). He is at the helm of four businesses: tech, showbiz; hospitality, and logistics. For some, that would be too much to juggle, but to the Nigerian, “Impossible is nothing. The attitude of Nigeria is of a go-getter country. The attitude of, why not have this and why not have the tallest, boldest, loudest?” he says. “That entrepreneurial spirit is in this country’s DNA.

Oke Afolabi, an Associate member of the Business Continuity Institute UK, is a result-oriented Marketing Professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives. In his current role at Global InfoSwift Consulting Limited (GICL) as a co-founder and CEO, he provides strategic direction, articulates corporate vision, mission and strategy as well as values that define the culture of the team.